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Number Plate Frames

With the Kind of revolution in the automobile Industry, it is now time to say "Goodbye" to the traditional way of Fixing License Plates to your vehicles. These number plates give a very ordinary and a dreary look to your high end cars.

Here is an opportunity to give a very classy and elegant look to your boring number plates. Now top off your vehicle with an attractive number plate frames. We hereby introduce a comprehensive variety of number plate frames available in varied colours. These frames are not only easy to fix but also give a classy look to your car making it stand out from the rest. We have customised these frames to be fitted in any car of any brand. These frames are designed keeping in mind the size of the number plates mentioned in the RTO Rule No.50 & 51, under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.


The said rule specifies the size of the number plates as follows:
1. For Two Wheelers – 200mm x 100mm (for rear side)
2. For Light Motor Vehicles/ Passenger Cars - 500mm x 120mm / 340mm x 200mm.

These frames are made from 100% Virgin quality plastic material using the latest technology and sophisticated machinery. These are environment friendly.

Why Number Plate Frames?

Safeguards the number plates from rusting as there is no need to drill holes on your plates for fixing. Also protects the plate from Bending & Breaking.
The base plate of the plastic frame has been provided with various holes and slots making it easy to fix in any car. Also saves your time and money spent on fixing the number plates 
These frames give you an opportunity to personalise your vehicle as per your mood and personality. Now give a new colour to your number plate frame every day just by changing the upper lid of your frame.  Gives you a respite from the boring & regular Number plates.

These frames enable to print customised texts and messages like your company name, websites or any slogans of your choice. Thus making each personalised Frame a low cost, versatile and unique investment which can promote your business 24/7, bringing in customers even while you sit in peak hour traffic.

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